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Welcome to our homepage!

In our group we are interested in developing new methods for approaching organic synthesis based on stereoselective C-1 homologations.

Doktorand im Bereich organische Synthese gesucht!

Interesse an einer Doktorarbeit in unserem Arbeitskreis? Dann schauen Sie doch mal ob diese aktuelle Ausschreibung etwas für Sie ist. Falls ja, schicken Sie bitte Ihre Bewerbung bis zum 02.05.2017 an Dr. Hirschhäuser.

PhD-Student wanted!

If you have a background in organic synthesis and would like to pursue a doctorate in our group please send your application to Dr. Hirschhäuser until May the 2nd 2017.

PostDoc wanted

We are currently looking for a non-German candidate with a background in organic synthesis, who would be interested in developing new methods for resin supported carbon homologations. The intended timeframe of the project is 1-2 years.  Funding could be obtained via a scholarship from a renowned governmental agency. A project proposal is available and has received favorable preliminary reviews. Thus we are looking for an applicant who fulfills the following formal requirements:

  • PhD in organic chemistry
  • the applicant needs to move to Germany from his/her country of birth and needs to be willing to move back there after his/her stay
  • He/She should have a rudimentary knowledge of German (i.e. some classes in school or willingness to take a course before the stay)
  • good marks during studies

If an application can be submitted until June, the project could start by the end of the year, given a positive evaluation by the scholarship agency. If you are interested, please send your application to Christoph.

Bachelor-, “Vertiefungs-” and Master-projects available

Are you interested in organic synthesis or want to give it a try? We have several projects available that will give you an insight into advanced practical methods ranging from Schlenk techniques, low temperature work to pressurized reactions. Just drop Christoph a line and we can have a chat!