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Welcome to our homepage!

In our group we are interested in developing new methods for approaching organic synthesis based on stereoselective C-1 homologations.

PostDoc wanted

We are currently looking for a non-German candidate with a background in organic synthesis, who would be interested in developing new methods for resin supported carbon homologations. The intended timeframe of the project is 1-2 years.  Funding could be obtained via a scholarship from a renowned governmental agency. A project proposal is available and has received favorable preliminary reviews. Thus we are looking for an applicant who fulfills the following formal requirements:

  • PhD in organic chemistry
  • the applicant needs to move to Germany from his/her country of birth and needs to be willing to move back there after his/her stay
  • He/She should have a rudimentary knowledge of German (i.e. some classes in school or willingness to take a course before the stay)
  • good marks during studies

If an application can be submitted until June, the project could start by the end of the year, given a positive evaluation by the scholarship agency. If you are interested, please send your application to Christoph.

Bachelor-, “Vertiefungs-” and Master-projects available

Are you interested in organic synthesis or want to give it a try? We have several projects available that will give you an insight into advanced practical methods ranging from Schlenk techniques, low temperature work to pressurized reactions. Just drop Christoph a line and we can have a chat!