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The Junior Research Group is affiliated with the Institute of Organic Chemistry at the University of Duisburg-Essen and was started in June 2014. Our research field is the synthesis and analysis of supramolecular functional aggregates, especially those with liquid crystalline properties. A major goal is to utilize and control the molecular self-assembly of discotic aggregates and understand the underlying principles in detail in order to develop novel supramolecular liquid crystals for potential applications in optical and electronic devices such as organic solar cells or light-emitting diodes (OLEDs).


Jun.-Prof. Dr. Michael R. A. Giese
Institute of Organic Chemistry
University of Duisburg-Essen
Universitätsstraße 7
45141 Essen, Germany

Room: S07 S00 C21
Phone: +49 201 183-2087
Email:  michael.giese@uni-due.de


January 6th 2020 New Paper on reveratrol-based liquid crystals

Meiks and Jans work on „Photo-switching and -cyclisation of hydrogen bonded liquid crystals based on resveratrol“ was accepted for publication in Chemical Communications. Congratulations!

October 25th 2019 "Shine like a Liquid Crystal"

Marcos and Meiks paper on "Mesogens with Aggregation-Induced Emission Formed by Hydrogen Bonding" was published in ACS Materials Letters. Congratulations to all participants and shine together.

July 1st 2019 Intramolecular Hydrogen-bond makes a difference

Michael‘s and Marco’s paper “Improving the Mesomorphic Behaviour of Supramolecular Liquid Crystals by Resonance-assisted Hydrogen Bonding" was published online in the Journal of Materials Chemistry C. Congratulations!

June 2019 ISMSC 2019 in Lecce

Michael, Marco, Meik, and Matthias attended the ISMSC 2019 in Lecce in southern Italy, successfully presented posters on their current research and had a meet and greet with Nobel Prize Winner Ben Feringa.

June 24th 2019 Dies Academicus Teaching Award

The three award recipient Jun.-Prof. Michael Giese, Jun.-Prof. Jens Voskuhl and Dr. Jochen Niemeyer (from left) of the Dies Academicus teaching award 2019.

Michael Giese receives together with Jens Voskuhl and Jochen Niemeyer the University Duisburg-Essen teaching award for their extraordinary engagement for students. The price was presented by Marco Schmiedtchen and Louisa Waasmann during the DIES Academicus celebrations and is endowed with 5.000 EUR. Congratulations to the Young Group Leaders of the Organic Chemistry department!

May 23th 2019 MSDE most-read articles

Matthias and Michael's Review article "Cellulose nanocrystals in nanoarchitectonics – towards photonic functional materials" was recently highlighted as one of the ten most read MSDE articles for the first quarter of 2019. The collection of all articles can be found here as Open access until June 30th.

April 5th 2019 New Paper published

April 5th 2019 New Publication

Together with the group of Dr. Marcel Albrecht from the University of Saarland Meik and Marco published their studies on “Alkyloxy modified pyrene fluorophores with tunable photophysical and crystalline properties”. Congratulations!

March 2019 GLCC 2019 in Paderborn

The Giese group and Jens Voskuhl enjoy the German Liquid Crystal Conference in Paderborn.

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Bachelor- and Master-theses 2019

You are interested in supramolecular functional materials and liquid crystals? - Then contact Michael Giese for more details on prospective Bachelor- and Master-projects or stop by in his office (room S07 S04 C25)

Prospective Students, PhD students and Post-Docs

We are looking for motivated students who are interested in supramolecular materials. Students interested in joining the group for their bachelor or master theses or for a research project (Vertiefungspraktikum) are encouraged to apply.

Applications of graduate students and postdoctoral researchers are welcome and we are happy to help highly qualified prospective coworkers with their scholarship applications. For details please contact Michael Giese.


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