Prof. Erhard Reckwitz

Biographical Information

Studies of English, Classics and Philosophy at Bonn, Marburg, Leeds (England) and Bochum Universities. M.A. in 1971, PhD in 1975, Habilitation (post-doc exam) in 1985. Teaching positions (lecturer, associate professor) held at Bochum, Stirling (Scotland) and Essen Universities; several visiting professorships or research fellowships at South African universities. Since 1992 Professor of English at Essen University, specializing in South African literature, modern/ postmodern literature and literary theory. Editor of the series African Literatures in English ; founder/director of the Southern African Studies Centre at Essen University. He is currently Dean of Humanities at the recently merged University of Duisburg and Essen. Hobby horses: French culture; jogging; cycling.