Dr. Muthanna Al-Janabi

Dr. Muthanna Al-Janabi

From January 2020, Muthanna is a visiting fellow at the Chair of Postcolonial Studies at the University of Duisburg-Essen. His stay is funded by the Georg Forster Postdoc-Fellowship of the Humboldt Foundation. Currently, Al-Janabi is working on a project entitled “A Disguised Identity: the Emergence of American Occidentalism” (working title).

Expertise Summary

Muthanna Al-Janabi is a visiting research fellow; he was awarded a Georg Forster-Postdoc Fellowship by the Humboldt Foundation, and is hosted by the the chair of Postcolonial Studies. Dr. Al-Janabi is working with Prof. Dr. Patricia Plummer on a study called “A Disguised Identity: The Emergence of American Occidentalism.”


Dr. Al-Janabi has been a lecturer at the University of Baghdad where he taught Nineteenth-Century English Poetry and American Modern Poetry as well as Literary Theory and Medieval English literature; he also supervised a number of M.A. theses. In 2010, Al-Janabi gained a DAAD Ph.D. scholarship and in 2015 he defended his dissertation entitled “Modernist American Poetry and the Absurd” at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (magna cum laude). Al-Janabi earned his M.A. at the College of Education, University of Baghdad in 2007. His thesis was on “The Autobiographical Element in the Poetry of John Milton” (magna cum laude).

Areas of Interest

Occidentalism, Violence, Immigration phenomena, Post-Orientalism and Cosmo-Colonialism


Member of the German Association of American Studies (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Amerikastudien)

Member of Iraqi Translation Association


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