Diversity - Evolution - Ecology

Our research focuses on the biodiversity, ecology, and evolution of protists, a large but poorly studied group of microbes. We study protists both at the organismal and molecular levels, including through phylogenetic analysis, population genetics, and biogeography. Our work is highly interdisciplinary and often sits at the interface of established specialist areas, such as between the Earth and life sciences. To that end, we are highly active within a number of multidisciplinary research networks and collaborations, cooperating closely with colleagues both in Germany and internationally.

Diversity and biogeography

We investigate broad-scale species distribution patterns and adaptation to different climates, as well as regional distribution patterns, specifically in aquatic and terrestrial systems.


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The species concept and microevolution

Using morphological and molecular data, we examine the relationship between species and intraspecific variability.

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Evolution and ecology

Using genomic and transcriptomic methods, we investigate the origins and evolution of ecophysiological differentiation.

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We offer lectures, seminars, internships, and excursions covering the fundamental aspects of botany, as well as aquatic/terrestrial biodiversity and ecology.

Thesis topics

We offer research projects at the Master’s, Exam, Diploma, and doctoral levels. If you are interested in working in our lab, please get in touch.

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Departmental seminar

We cover our group’s latest research on a near-weekly basis,

on Mondays at 12:30

in room SO5/VO5/F55.