BIOME - Core: Molecular Cell Biology

Lecture and research topics of the 3-year curriculum: The sophisticated functions of all living cells are mediated by a complex interplay between thousands of molecules. Ranging from small RNAs to megadalton-sized molecular machines, biological molecules can generate energy, transmit signals, store information, move components and coordinate cellular events in space and time. How these diverse cellular functions are accomplished on a molecular-mechanistic level and how they are compromised in disease are key questions of current research in the area of Molecular Cell Biology. In the postgenomic era, novel tools such as gene editing, next-generation sequencing, light and electron microscopic imaging of cells and protein complexes have transformed the way in which cellular processes are being analysed. The BIOME core for Molecular Cell Biology brings together researchers studying the molecular basis of cellular function in diverse projects, bridging investigations into fundamental mechanisms in model organisms with more clinically oriented projects that study specific disease-relevant questions. A unique feature of the core is that it is jointly coordinated by members of the Faculties of Medicine and Biology, bringing together researchers from the University Clinic Essen (UKE) and the UDE campus in Essen.

The monthly lectures in this core include progress reports from students, expert talks from selected external speakers, as well as review lectures by students covering current technological and scientific developments in research fields that are of broad interest to the participating students.


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