Memberships of Ms Prof. Dr. Ingelore Mammes

since 2010 Member of advisory committee for “Technik und Gesellschaft” (engineering and society)

promoted by: VDI

The advisory committee is in charge of establishing technological education in the German school system as well as generally arousing interest in technology. To achieve this, the committee develops cooperations, implements project proposals and comes to decisions concerning the direction of project ideas.

2007-2010 Head of committee for “Technik in der Grundschule” (technology in primary schools)

promoted by: VDI

The committee deals with introducing technological education to the German Primarbereich (grade 5-7) and its transitions. In this process, concepts are being developed, processes initiated and teaching aids constructed, either within the committee or in cooperation with other institutions, such as MNU or IPN.

since 2009 Advisory board member

Inspire (institution for P-12 Engineering Research and Learning), Purdue University, USA

promoted by: NSF


The institution deals with establishing engineering education in between grades 5 and 12 (Primar-grade-12th grade). The aim is not only to exert influence on politics but also to carry out research on correlations in engineering education. Currently, the committee consists of 20 members from the USA, Australia, Canada and Germany.

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