CETE Vol. 3

At the moment we are working on the third book of the CETE book series "CETE Vol. 3 Targets and Impact of Technology Education". 

In the past we already published CETE Vol. 1 "Technology Education Today – International Perspectives" and CETE Vol. 2 "Research in Technology Education". 

3rd Symposium on Didactics for Technology

This year the 3rd Symposium on Didactics for Technology will take place at the University of Duisburg-Essen. The professors Fletcher, Lang, Mammes and Münk organise the event in cooperation with the CETE-Network.

Impressions of our Summer School 2018

Just like our first Summer School in 2016 our second one was a total success.

Young academics in the fields of Technology and Engineering Education followed our invitation to learn in workshops about how to present their work in a professional way as well as to discuss their research work at our summer school in Essen. Guest from our partner universities in the Netherlands, Switzerland and France as well as postgraduate students from all over Germany participated in the two days of this year’s Summer School.

The first day started with a highly interesting keynote about Technology Education by Prof. Dr. Marc de Vries from the Delft University of Technology with the title “Educational research as engineering research”. The second half of the day was structured in different workshops focusing on professional presentation of research work, such as peer review, presenting in English or designing posters for competitions. The first day was round off by a joint dinner in which the participants could further connect cross-national as well as interdisciplinary with their peers.

The second day started with a very exciting keynote about the balancing act between research in university, daily instruction in schools, and politics in education ministries in Switzerland. The keynote was given by Prof. Dr. Peter Labudde from the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland. The rest of the day focused on research work of excellent young academics. Several sessions offered the possibility for a cooperative exchange and presenting research projects and ideas. Experts in the field of Technology Education were attending each session and gave constructive advice if necessary. The topics of those research projects differed between more classic ones like technical problem-solving and more exotic ones such as virtual reality in Technology Education. Furthermore, varied the areas of research between primary and secondary school, vocational and higher education. The day was completed by an intriguing keynote about artificial intelligence for education given by Pierre Saurel from the University Paris-Sorbonne. Lastly, are all contributions going to be published in our CETE Vol. 4 and therefore can be read about in the near future.