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10.04.2024 | Centre Official Inauguration of DFG-funded Research Training Group on „Cross-Border Labour Markets” RTG 2951

On April 8, the newly established Research Training Group "Cross-Border Labour Markets: transnational market makers, infrastructures, institutions" RTG 2951 was officially inaugurated with a Launch Event at Bielefeld University.

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CGCR Office Outside View

04.04.2024 | Centre Centre welcomes new fellows

Starting in April 2024, Elena Furlanetto and Hannes Krämer contribute to the Centre for Global Cooperation Research.

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Cover of Book linked to exhibition

03.04.2024 | Publication Over/Looked. Visual Regimes of (Forced) Migration

This volume shows a selection of the exhibited images at the exhibition Over/Looked. Visual Regimes of (Forced) Migration and brings together the accompanying texts.

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Logo: Aurora Ring Vorlesung SoSe2024

02.04.2024 | Aurora Lecture Summer 2024 Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Sustainability

Adressed at students from all disciplines and at all levels, the presentations in this lecture series illustrate how multi-faceted the concept of sustainability really is – touching issues from energy sources to literary prizes and from economic politics to climate activism.

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29.03.2024 | Publication New Research Papers by Laura Gerken & Moumita Mandal

Laura Gerken - Struggling for a Transnational Right to Land Norm

Moumita Mandal - The Role of Climate Change in Exacerbating Sexual and Gender-Based Violence in International Law: In Search of a Solution

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16.12.2023 | Publication Best Paper Award

Zeitschrift für Internationale Beziehungen

Dr. Patricia Rinck

Geschlechtsspezifische Ausgrenzung, Krieg und Frieden in Sierra Leone: eine feministische Perspektive auf Gewalt und Ordnung

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12.12.2023 | Workshop Contestation from a philosophical perspective

Prof. Dr. Raphael van Riel

Lotharstraße 57
47057 Duisburg


01.12.2023 | Research Project Cross-border Labour Markets

Transnational Market Makers, Infrastructures, Institutions

The RTG 2951 is jointly run by Bielefeld University’s Faculty of Sociology and the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics, and by the University of Duisburg-Essen’s Faculty of Social Sciences and Faculty of Business Administration and Economics.


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