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For the academic year 2023-2024, we offer the Master-level course “Intelligent Learning Environments” (ILE) that will cover topics on intelligent tutoring systems, interactive and technology-enhanced learning and teaching environments and online learning platforms. We also offer Praxis projects and Research Seminars on topics related to Learning Informatics, Educational Technologies, and AIED. Additionally, we offer research projects for Bachelor and Master theses for the study programs of Computer Science (Angewandte Informatik) and KOMEDIA.

Our aim is to support students in acquiring skills for the 21st-century learner, such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and data literacy. At the same time, we encourage students to learn from and with each other in a social arena following project-based learning approaches. Overall, we envision bridging the gap between theory and practice with respect to teaching and to engage learners in modern, technology-enhanced learning activities as a means for preparing modern citizens for their future endeavors.

Summersemester 2023-2024

For the summer semester (SoSe) 2023-2024, we offer the following courses and projects:


Wintersemester 2023-2024

For the winter semester (WiSe) 2023-2024, we will offer the following:

  • Praxisprojekt "Achieving Mastery by Deliberate Reinforcement" (co-supervised with Dr. Bibeg Limbu)
  • Praxisprojekt "Me and My Chat-GPT (episode 2): studying together with a language model"
  • Research Seminar: "From Data to Evidence: Education as a Data Science Application Field"

Research Projects (Theses Topics)

If you are interested in carrying out your Bachelor's or Master's thesis at the group, please check out the topics offered via our Moodle page, following the link:

Past courses and projects

  • Praxisprojekt "Design and implementation of an analytics dashboard for Moodle" (Bachelor/Master of Angewandte Informatik and KOMEDIA, English language, LSF Link) [Wise 2022-2023]
  • Praxisprojekt "The tribes of hackathons: exploring community formation in hackathons using data" (Bachelor/Master of Angewandte Informatik and KOMEDIA, English language, LSF Link) [Wise 2022-2023]
  • Praxisproject: "How did participants like my hackathon? A benchmarking tool" Bachelor/Master of Angewandte Informatik and KOMEDIA, English language, LSF Link) [SoSe 2021-2022]
  • Praxisproject: "Analysis of participants interactions in a Hackathon context: the example of a Slack corpus" (Bachelor/Master of Angewandte Informatik and KOMEDIA, English language, LSF Link) [WiSe 2021-2022], Related publication:
  • Praxisproject: "Designing Personalized Feedback for Online Courses" Bachelor/Master of Angewandte Informatik and KOMEDIA, English language, LSF Link) [SoSe 2020-2021]