CRC 1093 - Principal Investigator Andrea Musacchio

Hon. Prof. Dr. Andrea Musacchio

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Phone: +49 231 133-2101

Department of Mechanistic Cell Biology
Max-Planck-Institut für molekulare Physiologie

Area B: Biological Targets B6: Targeting centromer recuitment of mitotic regulators by supramolecular ligands

Project B6 will exploit supramolecular modulators to interfere with the role of phosphorylation in chromosome passenger complex (CRC) localization during mitosis. Chemical tools will be specifically directed against the ionic interaction between Survivin and phosphorylated Histone H3; they will also be utilized to target more complex interactions, in particular those between the CPC and reconstituted nucleosomes. Similarly, protein-protein interactions between the Bub1:Bub3 complex and phosphorylated MELT repeats in Spc105 or Knl1 will be disrupted by tailored ligands to also address the importance of this interaction for chromosome passenger complex recruitment and kinetochore function. 

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Selected Publications

S. Mosalaganti, J. Keller, A. Altenfeld, M. Winzker, P. Rombaut, M. Saur, A. Petrovic, A. Wehenkel, S. Wohlgemuth, F. Müller, S. Maffini, T. Bange, F. Herzog, H. Waldmann, S. Raunser, A. Musacchio: Structure of the RZZ complex and molecular basis of its interaction with Spindly. J Cell Biol. 2017, 216:961-981.

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