CRC 1093 - Principal Investigator Ingrid Vetter

Dr. Ingrid Vetter

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Phone: +49 231 133-2737


Max-Planck-Institut für molekulare Physiologie

Area Z: Central Service Z2: X-Ray Crystallography

Project Z2 provides state-of-the art facilities for X-ray crystallography analysis. It offers crystallization screening for all groups (soak-in or cocrystallization) and solves structures for complexes of partner proteins with their designed supramolecular ligands. Thus, it will support the iterative improvement of supramolecular binders by repeated cycles of crystallization, structure determination to reveal the binding mechanisms, and new rounds of synthesis.

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Professional career

Scientific education and degrees


Selected Publications

A. Petrovic, J. Keller, Y. Liu, K. Overlack, J. John, Y. Dimitrova, S. Jenni, S. van Gerwen, P. Stege, S. Wohlgemuth, P. Rombaut, F. Herzog, S. C. Harrison, I. R. Vetter,  A. Musacchio: Structure of the Mis12:CENP-C complex, a central kinetochore assembly hub. Cell. 2016 167, 1028-1040.

Crystal structure of the predicted phospholipase LYPLAL1 reveals unexpected functional plasticity in spite of close relationship to acyl protein thioesterases. M Bürger, TJ Zimmermann, Y Kondoh, P Stege, N Watanabe, H Osada, H Waldmann and IR Vetter. J. Lipid Research 53, 43-50 (2012)

Identification of Acyl protein Thioesterases 1 and 2 as the Cellular Targets of the Ras-Signalling Modulators Palmostatin B and M. M Rusch, TJ Zimmermann, M Bürger, FJ Dekker, K Görmer, G Triola, A Brockmeyer, P Janning, T Böttcher, SA Sieber, IR Vetter, C Hedberg, H Waldmann.  Angewandte Chemie Int. Ed. 50, 9838-9842 (2011)

Structure-function relationships of the G domain, a canonical switch motif. A Wittinghofer and IR Vetter. Annu Rev Biochem. 80, 943-971 (2011)

Nup120: One More Piece in the NPC Puzzle. IR Vetter. Structure 17, 1036-1038 (2009)

The crystal structure of the Ran-Nup153 complex: A General Ran docking site at the nuclear pore complex. N Schrader, C Koerner, K Koessmeier, J Bangert, A Wittinghofer, R Stoll, IR Vetter. Structure 16, 1116-1125 (2008)

 Structural basis of the Nic96 subcomplex organization in the nuclear pore channel. N Schrader, P Stelter, D Flemming, R Kunze, E Hurt and IR Vetter. Molecular Cell 29, 46-55 (2008)

RanGAP mediates GTP hydrolysis without a finger arginine. M Seewald, C Körner, A Wittinghofer and IR Vetter. Nature 415, 662-666 (2002)

The G protein switch in three dimensions. IR Vetter and A Wittinghofer. Science 294, 1299-1304 (2001)