Master German as a Foreign/Second Language

Master German as a Foreign/Second Language

The Institute DaZ/DaF has been offering the new 2-subject Master’s program  “German as a Foreign and Second Language (DaF/DaZ)“ since the winter semester 2018/19. This master’s program responds to the increasing demand in the field of German as a foreign and second language.

Students will be prepared in terms of content and methodology for the specifics of German as a foreign and second language, its teaching and research. Through a teaching and research internship in the third semester, students are given the opportunity to become acquainted with professional fields in which the teaching of German as a foreign and second language as well as conceptual activities with a focus on DaF/DaZ are central. There are, for example, career opportunities in the following areas:

  • as teachers of German as a foreign and second language in Germany and abroad (in private, in-house as well as state educational institutions),
  • conceptual and coordinating activities in intermediary organizations as well as cultural and educational institutions (including DAAD, Goethe-Institut, foundations, VHS),
  • conceptual activities in publishing houses with a focus on DaF/DaZ,
  • work for local authorities in the field of integration,
  • a wide range of opportunities in university teaching and research.

A central goal of the Master's program DaF/DaZ is to expand the possibilities to offer a course of study in which theory and practice are more closely interconnected, having students experience and participate in studies and research simultaneously. This is to take place in the form of independent research projects, which will be located in the specialization or optional area. Here, students can work on topics within the framework of existing projects or set their own priorities.

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