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Since the 19th century the Humanities have constituted an integral part of the canon of subjects traditionally taught at universities. More than 9000 students are enrolled in courses of the academic bachelor's and master's degree programs in the Faculty of Humanities.

They study subjects such as English, German as a Second Language / German as a Foreign Language, French, German, History, Design Technology, Geography, Communication Studies, Art and Art History, Netherlandic Studies, Philosophy, Spanish, Protestant Theology, Catholic Theology, and Turkish Studies. The great variety of combinations of subjects in the different courses of study allows students to match subjects to personal strengths and interests. The wide range of subjects and study programs also allows a flexible adjustment to new professions and social requirements.

Research subjects include literature, language, media, communications, art, religion and culture, past and present. The Faculty of Humanities traditionally awards the doctoral title of Dr. phil.

About 300 people are employed at the Faculty of Humanities, making the Humanities among the largest faculties of the University of Duisburg-Essen.

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