Research Interests of the Junior Research Group DICINT

This junior research group is intended to address how homogenous and heterogeneous opinion climates online influence whether and how citizens (a) perceive opinion climates, (b) acquire knowledge about prevailing issues, (c) form their personal opinion (d) develop political efficacy, political interest as well as political tolerance and (e) are willing to participate in discussions and collective actions online and offline.

The working program includes methods from computer science, communication studies and psychology, addressing communication processes on a micro-, meso-, and macro-level. The following topics are of interest:

  • Prevalence of opinion homogeneity/heterogeneity in online networks
  • Effects of opinion homogeneity/heterogeneity on political learning and opinion formation
  • Effects of opinion homogeneity/heterogeneity on participatory activities online
  • Assessment of group and societal dynamics in opinion climates on social media
  • Computational simulation of group and societal dynamics in online opinion climates
  • Spillover effects from online to offline behavior
  • Theoretical implications to strengthen (digital) citizenship