Prof. i.R. Dr. Udo Backhaus

  • Former head of Backhaus Working Group on Physics Education (Campus Essen) until 31st July, 2011

Research Interests

  • Physics education

  • Experimental physics

  • Dynamic systems

  • Astronomy

Current Research

Astrometry, especially

  • Orbit determination of the maior planets by simple means,
  • Determination of the sun's parallax,
  • Measurements of trigonometric parallaxes of stars, for instance of Barnard's star and 61 Cyg 

Astronomy On-Line: Measuring the Distance to the Sun

Astronomy On-Line: Measuring the Distance to The Sun - Final Report

Experiments for physics teachers

Theory of Relativity:

International Year of Astronomy 2009

The transit of Venus 2012

Transit of Mercury 2016

Transit of Mercury 2019




Astronomy and internet in the Ruhr-area

Air Logo V1k

Materials for dealing with astronomical themes in school

Example: Mars loop 2022/23


List of typical publications

Publications and other material
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​Measurements of trigonometric parallaxes of stars
(click on the picture to get a larger demonstration of parallactic and proper motion!)   

​The appearance of fast moving objects


Moon, Jupiter and Saturn - photographed simultaneously from Namibia and Germany