Prof. i.R. Dr. Udo Backhaus

  • Former head of Backhaus Working Group on Physics Education (Campus Essen) until 31st July, 2011

Research Interests

  • Physics education

  • Experimental physics

  • Dynamic systems

  • Astronomy

Current Research

Transit of Mercury, 2019


Astronomical phenomena

Astrometry, especially

  • Orbit determination of the maior planets by simple means,
  • Determination of the sun's parallax,
  • Measurements of trigonometric parallaxes of stars, for instance of Barnard's star and 61 Cyg  

Astronomy On-Line: Measuring the Distance to the Sun

Astronomy On-Line: Measuring the Distance to the Sun - Final Report

Experiments for physics teachers

Astronomical Laboratory Exercises 

Photographing the moon and measuring its distance

Roemer's method of determing the speed of light

Observing, Photographing and Evaluating the Transit of Venus 2004

Theory of Relativity:

International Year of Astronomy 2009

The transit of Venus 2012

Transit of Mercury 2016

Astronomy and internet in the Ruhr-area


List of typical publications


List of most recent lectures

Prof. Dr. Udo Backhaus

Measurements of trigonometric parallaxes of stars

(click on the picture to get a larger demonstration of parallactic and proper motion!)   

The appearance of fast moving objects

Moon, Jupiter and Saturn - photographed simultaneously from Namibia and Germany