Welcome to Physics Education at the University of Duisburg-Essen

Where to find us... Physics Education in Essen

Physics Education at the University of Duisburg-Essen (WG's Prof. Fischer, Prof. Härtig & Prof. Theyßen) is located in Building T03 right at the Essen Campus: on the 4th floor (R04) you find the offices of the staff whereas on the 5th and 6th floor (R05 and R06) there are the facilities for lectures, seminars and practical training. Most of the lessons take place here. 

What exactly is... Physics Education ?

The natural science of physics is integral to a well-rounded education. From an individual perspective, physics is important in providing us with a sense of orientation in the world and helping us to make sound decisions in modern society. From a societal perspective, physics is crucial as well given the increasing demand for people who can apply physics knowledge and practical skills to the design and use of ecological and industrial technologies.  
Everyone who has gone through a traditional school system, however, is well aware that it is no easy task acquiring a theoretical and practical understanding of physics in the classroom setting. A central focus of research in physics education is therefore to describe and explain learning processes that are specific to the subject of physics and shared by students from all levels and types of schools. This research also encompasses the study and optimization of teaching methods, and seeks to develop instruments for improving the quality of teaching and teacher training in physics education.  
The working groups on physics education investigate the contexts and conditions under which classroom learning takes place, and study the effects of teacher training on physics instruction at all school levels, drawing methodologies from the fields of psychology and educational science. A further  Research focus, conducted in close cooperation with the disciplines of biology and chemistry, is the investigation of aspects of teaching and learning that are unique to these three natural sciences.

COVID-19 On-site teaching for winter term 20/21

For the winter term, the Faculty of Physics is planning its lectures with maximum presence. If necessary, there will also be online formats.
Since access to the in-classroom lectures will only be possible for fully vaccinated, recovered and presumably officially tested persons, the faculty recommends all students to get immunized in time by vaccination. It is expected that at the start of the lectures on October 11, Corona tests will no longer be free of charge.


Course catalogue winter term 20/21