Sünje Clausen | Team of the Research Group Digital Communication and Transformation

PhD StudentSünje Clausen, M.Sc.

Address: Forsthausweg 2, 47057 Duisburg
Room: LE 313
Telephone: +49 203 379 1781
Mail: suenje.clausen@uni-due.de

Research Interest

  • Applications of Artificial Intelligence in corporate environments
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Digital Ethics
  • Persuasive system design, digital nudging

Academic Qualification

since 03/2020 PhD Student, Computer Science and Applied Cognitive Science, Digital Communication and Transformation, University Duisburg-Essen
04/2019 - 11/2019 Master thesis part II, University College London Interaction Centre (UCLIC), London, UK
03/2019 - 04/2019 Master thesis part I, DEI Interactive Systems Group, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M), Madrid, Spain
08/2017 - 12/2019 M.Sc. Artificial Intelligence, Utrecht University, The Netherlands
09/2013 - 03/2017 B.Sc. Applied Cognitive and Media Sciences, University Duisburg-Essen


Professional Background

04/2016 - 09/2016 Working Student, Project-Management-Office, Accenture, Düsseldorf
03/2015 - 07/2015 Student Research Assistant, General Psychology: Cognition, University Duisburg-Essen



Journal publications

  • Hofeditz, L., Clausen, S., Rieß, A., Mirbabaie, M., & Stieglitz, S. (2022). Applying XAI to an AI-based System for Candidate Management to Mitigate Bias and Discrimination in Hiring. Electronic Markets (ELMA), forthcoming.

  • Jung, A.-K., Clausen, S., Franzke, A., Marx, J. (2022). ‘Cambridge Moralica’ - Towards an Ethical Framework for Social Media Analytics. Australasian Journal of Information Systems (AJIS), 26. LINK

  • Clausen, S., Tajadura-Jiménez, A., Janssen, C.P., Bianchi-Berthouze, N. (2021). Action sounds informing own body perception influence gender identity and social cognition. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 15(382). LINK

Conference publications

  • Clausen, S., Braun, L.-M., Stieglitz, S. (2023). Towards More Digital Wellbeing in Knowledge Work - A Signaling Theory Perspective. Proceedings of the 56th Hawaii Internatinal Conference on System Sciences (HICCS).
  • Clausen, S., Marx, J., Mirbabaie, M., Stieglitz, S. (2022). From dark patterns to digital sludging – mapping the ethical debate on controversial persuasive system design. In Proceedings of the Forty-Third International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS), 11. LINK

  • Clausen, S., Brünker, F., Jung, A.-K., Stieglitz, S. (2022). The Impact of Signaling Commitment to Ethical AI on Organizational Attractiveness. Wirtschaftsinformatik 2022 Proceedings (WI),10. LINK. *nominated for best research-in-progress paper award

  • Shahi, G.K., Clausen, S., Stieglitz, S. (2022). Who shapes crisis communication on Twitter? An analysis of influential German-language accounts during the COVID-19 pandemic. Proceedings of the 55th Hawaii Internatinal Conference on System Sciences (HICCSLINK


  • Clausen, S., Stieglitz, S., & Wloka, M. (2022). Steering behavior. The potential of digital nudging for corporate communications. (Communication Insights, Issue 15). Leipzig: Academic Society for Management & Communication. www.academic-society.net LINK

  • Stieglitz, S., Zerfass, A., Ziegele, D., Clausen, S., & Berger, K. (2022). Communications Trend Radar 2022. Language awareness, closed communication, gigification, synthetic media & cybersecurity (Communication Insights, Issue 14). Academic Society for Management & Communication. www.academic-society.net LINK

  • Stieglitz, S., Clausen, S. (2021). Digital Nudging als Instrument für die Unternehmenskommunikation. prmagazin, 12, 66-71.

  • Zerfaß, A., Stieglitz, S., Clausen, S., Ziegele, D., & Berger, K. (2021). Communications Trend Radar 2021. Denialism, Virtual Corporate Communications, Sustainable Communications, Digital Nudging & Voice Interaction (Communication Insights, Issue 10). Leipzig, Germany: Academic Society for Management & Communication. LINK

  • Stieglitz, S., Brachten, F. & Clausen, S. (2020). Automatisierte Kommunikation - Chancen und Risiken für Unternehmen. prmagazin, 6, 66-71.