Compatibility of family & work/study

Compatibility at the University of Duisburg-Essen

Taking on a long-term mutual social responsibility for others - this is what family stands for at the UDE. The university has therefore set itself the goal of improving family-friendliness and taking appropriate measures to benefit employees and students in order to achieve a sustainable balance between the interests of the university and the concerns of employees and students. In this sense, more flexible working hours and workplaces, consideration of childcare obligations in study and examination regulations, childcare and various counselling services have already been established.

Family service Compatibility offers for employees

The Family Service Office (FSB) is a counselling and service centre for family members of the UDE. The following childcare options are offered:


  • for U3 children in the day care centres DU-E-KIDS
  • during the school holidays
  • Short-term care

Furthermore, the family service office advises on questions of:

  • Reconciling family and career
  • Childcare options
  • Maternity protection, parental leave and parental allowance
  • Reconciling work and care responsibilities
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Assistance at the new place of work & residence Dual career partnerships

The Dual Career Service provides information for dual-career couples and offers support in the search for an appropriate position or opportunities for the partner of the professor to be appointed to follow the chosen career path.

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More offers Breastfeeding, changing and rest rooms

There are several rest, breastfeeding and nappy-changing rooms at the UDE. These rooms offer the possibility to care for babies undisturbed. In addition, the rooms can also be used by pregnant women to take a short break from everyday university life, as they are also equipped with a resting couch.

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Emergency situations "Fire pot" for childcare

In order to improve the framework conditions for reconciling a career in science and a family, young scientists* with children are to be supported by the "firefighting pot". With this money, emergency situations that suddenly arise while caring for a child can be cushioned by a financial allowance.

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More information Compatibility of family and studies/profession at the UDE

The website of the "Family-friendly university" of the UDE offers further information for students and employees to download and useful links around compatibility topics.

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