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Current Projects

ICCS 2022 International Civic and Citizenship Education Study 2022

The International Civic and Citizenship Education Study (ICCS 2022) is an international comparative large scale assessment, which aims to examine the contribution of educational institutions to the mental requirements for democracy.

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ECON 2022 Economic Literacy 2022

Economic literacy is the prerequisite for achieving economic independence and helping to shape societies. Through the ECON 2022 project, a base for further developing the curriculum and the instructional design of economic education will be established.

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NEST Novice Educator Support and Training

The NEST project is an ERASMUS+ policy experiment which is funded by the European Commission. It facilitates the development and implementation of an adaptive mentor training as well as the provision of adaptive mentoring to novice teachers at disadvantaged schools.

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Feasibility Study Feasibility Study: Monitor Civic Education

The Feasibility Study: Monitor civic education is dedicated to the technical and statistical conditions under which a recurring report on civic education can be established in Germany.

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PrEval PrEval - Future Workshops

The joint project PrEval – Future Workshops, funded by the German Federal Ministry of the Interior and Community (BMI), aims to innovate and reconfigure existing frameworks and systems to strengthen evaluation and quality assurance in the extremism prevention, democracy promotion and civic education in Germany.

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Completed Projects

NEWTT - A New Way for New Talents in Teaching

NEWTT is an ERASMUS+ project which is funded by the European Commission. NEWTT is defined as a "policy experiment" comparing alternative routes with the traditional routes into the teaching profession in several European countries with the aim of promoting policy reforms (EACEA, 2016).

ICCS 2016 - International Civic and Citizenship Education Study 2016

There is a huge interest in finding out what kind of civic and citizenship competences students learn and how they position themselves in society today. ICCS 2016 tests 14-year-old students in eighth grade about these topics.

ReNeEd - Research Needs in Education

ReNeEd –Research Needs in Education- aims to identify and systematize research needs from the perspective of educational professionals in formal and non-formal educational settings with a personal or parental migration history.

Service Learning as part of a school placement within teacher education

The aim of the study is to analyze the effects of service learning on the professional development of teacher students. To this end students’ competence development and career motives are tested several times throughout a preparation course and a five month-long school placement.

Teach First Deutschland - Qualification of fellows in the context of the project "Teach First Deutschland"

„Teach First“ places recent graduates with above-average academic achievements for a service at schools in socially deprived areas. The study includes an evaluation with different features of the training that fellows completed 2014 and its effects on the acquisition of skills.

Cultural agents for creative schools - Development of cultural education between schools und external cooperation partners

The monitoring and evaluation of the pilot project "Cultural agents for creative schools" is designed as a longitudinal study. The aim of the program is to encourage children's and adolescent's curiosity for arts and to enable experience with art and culture.