Our focus is on developing and applying tomographic techniques to produce instantaneous three-dimensional (3D) information from experiments in energy and process technology research. Such information is paramount to deepen our understanding of various phenomena in real flows, which are almost always unstable or turbulent. In turn, this allows us to improve different technologies such as combustion devices, for example to be made more efficient or environmentally friendly.  

We combine different types of measurements with tomography, including background-oriented schlieren (BOS) that is relevant in reactive and non-reactive flows, and radiative emission in reactive flows. Our generic multi-camera (up to 30 cameras) setup allows us to produce unprecedented reconstructions based on multi-simultaneous measurements via what we call the Tomographic Imaging using multi-simultaneous Measurements (TIMes) method. This enables us to investigate different effects within the same volume, and such information is rarely available experimentally.

The techniques that we develop can be suited for laboratory settings, which are ideal for fundamental studies, and for the more challenging industrial environments where accessibility is almost always limited. Our algorithms are tested through various applications and phantom studies. A phantom is an exactly known field that can be compared to its reconstruction, allowing for a quantitative assessment of the reconstruction. We use realistic phantoms, for example from flow simulations, that represent the complexity of the fields that are to be reconstructed. You can watch a video presentation introducing our group and our work here. If you would like to find out more about our tomography techniques, are interested in applying them to an experiment, or have any other inquiries about the Tomography Group, please do not hesitate to contact us via: khadijeh.mohri@uni-due.de

Latest Highlights & Events



The Chair of Fluid Dynamics was represented at the charity run in Dorsten for breast cancer.

Looking forward to the next edition!


Paper published in Progress in Energy and Combustion Science

Volumetric emission tomography for combustion processes


39th International Symposium on Combustion

The Chair of Fluid Dynamics was represented via oral presentations and posters at the 39th International Symposium on Combustion in Vancouver from July 24 to 29, 2022.


AiF (Association of Industrial Research Associations) research project, 2 years, funding application accepted

Integration of hydrogen as a climate-neutral energy carrier in industrial and commercial thermoprocessing technology.


DFG (German Research Foundation) research project, 3 years, funding application accepted

Tomographic analysis of the SpraySyn synthesis process based on instantaneous multi-simultaneous measurements (Priority Program SPP1980).


Paper published in IEEE International Conference on Image Processing

Evolutionary Camera Pose Estimation of a Multi-Camera Setup for Computed Tomography


AiF (Association of Industrial Research Associations) research project, 2 years, funding application accepted

Development of an optical detection system for the application of 3D chemiluminescence tomography in industrial high-temperature processes (Tomo-Pro).


Girls' day at the UDE

In our Fluid Mechanics session during the Girls' day , the school students tried simple experiments that gave an insight into hydrostatics, aerodynamics, combustion and nanomaterials in the context of fuel cells.

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