The Student Council offers a collection of protocols for oral exams and written exams. If you have an upcoming exam and would like to supplement your preparation with reports from past exams or if you want to know what kind of questions might be asked in such exam, simply use the form on this website. In the form, you can specify which protocols for exams in which subject and with which examiner you would like to have.

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Form for submitting or requesting exam protocols and old exams

  • Please note that we only send old exams and protocols to university email addresses (
  • Also, please be aware that we do not collect scripts, lecture notes, or passwords for Moodle courses. You might find what you need at the Ludi.
  • We do not have any old exams for service courses (such as "Math for Business Students," "Math for Natural Scientists," "Math for Civil Engineers," etc.) and we will not collect any. Please contact the corresponding student councils (Fachschaften) for those.
  • Our extensive collection of protocols can only work with your help. So after your exam, please send us a protocol (example) as well! To make it easier for you, we have already prepared some templates:
Protokollvorlage.pdf Protokollvorlage.doc Protokollvorlage.tex
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