Bachelor/Master Theses

Some information concerning doing a Bachelor or Master thesis with us can be found at We do not usually supervise external/industry theses. Topics for Bachelor candidates will typically be based on contents of the course Programming Paradigms. Theses based solely on the course Modellierung (first year lecture for Computer Science students) are not normally possible, at least very good knowledge of formal logic would be required additionally.

Some recent and current topics of Bachelor theses (unfortunately, this page is not always updated immediately - so some topics listed as "open" might actually already be "in progress"):

  • Parametrized configuration of Haskell exercise tasks [open]
  • Generating Exercise Tasks on Haskell-to-Prolog translation [open]
  • Modelling and Visualizing UML Activity Diagrams in Alloy and Haskell [open]
  • Formalization of UML State Diagrams and their concepts in Alloy [open]
  • Structural checking and generation of mathematical representations of UML state diagrams [in progress]
  • A Tool for Mutation Testing of Prolog Exercise Tasks [in progress]
  • Automatic Generation of Exercise Tasks on Operations and Terms [in progress]
  • Modelling and Visualizing UML State Diagrams in Haskell [finished]
  • Criteria-guided generation of exercise tasks on propositional logic [finished]
  • Analysis of Exercise Tasks on Petri Net Concepts [finished]
  • Automatic Generation of Exercise Tasks on Petri net concepts using Alloy [finished]
  • Exploring Petri net concepts through formalization in Alloy [finished]
  • Exercise task generation for UML class/object diagrams, via Alloy model instance finding [finished]

Other open topics potentially on request. Please state your specific interests, what previous knowledge you have from lectures, etc.

Student developed code from previous theses has flowed into several of our public GitHub repositories.


Please refer to the German page Lehre, also concerning our eLearning activities.