International Relations Section, Faculty of Humanities

The Section for International Relations introduces itself

We coordinate the international activities of the Faculty of Humanities

  • Advice on all aspects of international programs
  • Academic support of incoming and outgoing students of the faculty and faculty cooperation, arrangement of learning agreements, preparation of transcripts of records, discussion of examination performance -  coordination between incoming students and faculty lecturers
  • Organization and implementation of international programs
  • Awarding of scholarships
  • Selection and supervision of Erasmus incoming and outgoing students of German Studies and DaF/DaZ; recognition of examination results from abroad
  • negotiation, conclusion of cooperation agreements

We are not a central institution or an administrative institution, first and foremost we are an academic institution that also takes care of administration and formalities.

We are a sub-department of the Dean's Office for Humanities and thus the link in international affairs:

  •     between the central administration and the dean
  •     between the chairs of the faculty and the dean

But also

  •     between incomings of our faculty and other faculties
  •     between Incomings and Outgoings within different subjects of our faculty
  •     between incoming and outgoing students of our faculty and the central administration, e.g. the International Office and, if applicable, the Examination Office.

In all international questions we are

  •     Advisor to the students and all staff members of our faculty
  •     mediator between administration and faculty, chairs, dean
  •     Advisor to the chairs of the faculty and the dean
  •     Mediator and advisor between foreign institutions/universities and the chairs of the faculty

We manage, advise and work creatively on the implementation of international contacts and meetings.

 Head of Section: FRAU RAMONA KARATAS M.A.


University of Duisburg-Essen
Faculty of Humanities - Dean´s Office
International Relations Section
Universitätsstraße 12
45141 Essen

Raum R12 S03 H81

Phone: +49 (0)201-183-3371

Office hours:

Monday to Thursday daily online office hours
from 11:00 to 12:00 h


It is not necessary to register for these office hours.

Office hours in office R12 S03 H81 by appointment

Appointments outside the regular office hours can also be arranged by appointment (online or in person).

Please note: the office hours on Tuesday, 20.02. are cancelled