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  • Wissenschaftliche/r Mitarbeiter/in, Prof. Schmidt

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    Journal articles

  • Asghar, Anam; Lipfert, Daniel; Kerpen, Klaus; Schmidt, Torsten Claus
    Elucidating the inhibitory effects of natural organic matter on the photodegradation of organic micropollutants : Atrazine as a probe compound
    In: Chemosphere Vol. 352 (2024) 141390
  • Asghar, Anam; Kniesel, David; Hammad, Mohaned; Al-Kamal, Ahmed K.; Segets, Doris; Wiggers, Hartmut; Schmidt, Torsten Claus
    Kinetic evaluation of heterocatalytic ozone-based activation of peroxymonosulfate using acid-treated graphene catalyst for the degradation of micropollutants
    In: Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering Vol. 11 (2023) Nr. 3, 109659
  • Asghar, Anam; Hammad, Mohaned; Kerpen, Klaus; Niemann, Felix; Al-Kamal, Ahmed K.; Segets, Doris; Wiggers, Hartmut; Schmidt, Torsten C.
    Ozonation of carbamazepine in the presence of sulfur-dopped graphene : Effect of process parameters and formation of main transformation products
    In: Science of the Total Environment Vol. 864 (2023) 161079
  • Hammad, Mohaned; Angel, Steven; Al-Kamal, Ahmed; Asghar, Anam; Said Amin, Amin; Kräenbring, Mena-Alexander; Wiedemann, Haakon T.A.; Vinayakumar, Vineetha; Yusuf Ali, Md; Fortugno, Paolo; Kim, Cheolyong; Schmidt, Torsten Claus; Kay, Christopher W.M.; Schulz, Christof; Segets, Doris; Wiggers, Hartmut
    Synthesis of novel LaCoO₃/graphene catalysts as highly efficient peroxymonosulfate activator for the degradation of organic pollutants
    In: Chemical Engineering Journal Vol. 454 (2023) 139900
  • Asghar, Anam; Lutze, Holger; Türk, Jochen; Schmidt, Torsten Claus
    Influence of water matrix on the degradation of organic micropollutants by ozone based processes : A review on oxidant scavenging mechanism
    In: Journal of Hazardous Materials Vol. 429 (2022) 128189
  • Akhtar, Adnan; Aslam, Zaheer; Asghar, Anam; Bello, Mustapha Mohammed; Raman, Abdul Aziz Abdul
    Electrocoagulation of Congo Red dye-containing wastewater : Optimization of operational parameters and process mechanism
    In: Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering Vol. 8 (2020) Nr. 5, 104055

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