The Oxidative Processes Group at IAC explores the fundamental aspects of oxidative water/wastewater treatment processes. We combine knowledge from the fields of water science and analytical chemistry with expertise in the field of oxidative processes.

Within the broad field of oxidative processes and with a clear idea about the poor quality of surface water, non-pointed wastewater disposal, and inefficient treatment efficiencies of existing wastewater treatment plants, our group covers the following aspects:

  • Understanding the fundamental mechanisms in oxidative water treatment processes (e.g., ozonation, ozonation/HSO5, photo-oxidation (UV and UV/HSO5).
  • Heterogenous photocatalysis over immobilized or suspended TiO2, catalytic ozonation and HSO5 − Activation with transition metal oxides, transition metal-based perovskites, and undoped/doped carbonaceous catalyst. The major research interest is to elucidate the possible synergistic effects through the formation of different reactive oxygen species.
  • Influence of water matrix components (inorganic compounds and natural organic matter)
  • Reaction pathways in pollutant degradation and by-product formation.