Water Science

Water is one of the most precious resources on earth. The growing demands for safe, clean and affordable potable water can only be met by increased interdisciplinary knowledge of water quality and the advanced, effective and sustainable treatment of water. In this course, such knowledge is offered. Each module is designed to provide the student with tools for a deeper understanding of water chemistry, water analytics and ultimately the biology behind microbial water quality and biological water treatment.

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Faculty of Chemistry

The world of chemistry is so vast because it is constantly striving to make connections: to all the other sciences, to medicine, to engineering, to computer science. This openness towards its neighbouring disciplines is also characteristic of Chemistry at the UDE. New materials in industry, new therapies in medicine, climate research, water management, experiments in the biofilm lab - all these are key elements of the boundary-breaking teaching and research potential of the Faculty, but they by no means present the full picture.

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IWW Water Centre

The research programme of IWW is supervised by an international scientific advisory board. To ensure the high
quality of research and other services, IWW maintains a quality management system certified according to ISO 9001. 

IWW has a focus on interdisciplinary water research. In co-operation with institutes of the University of Duisburg- Essen their scope ranges from fundamental research to the development of practical applications.

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