shaista Khaliq

Shaista Khaliq; M.Sc.

Fakultät für Chemie
Instrumentelle Analytische Chemie
Universitätsstr. 5, Raum S05 V02 E41
D-45141 Essen

Telefon: +49 201 183-6792; Fax:-6773

04/2021 – present Ph.D., Instrumental Analytical Chmeistry, Uni Essen, Germany
Collaborative research centre (CRC)
Project: Multilevel response to stressor increase and release in stream
ecosystems (RESIST)
Title of work: Diet-consumer interactions under variable stressor conditions as revealed by stable isotope studies of individual amin acids
Instruments: GC-IRMS, EA-IRMS.
04/2018 – 04/2021 M.Sc. Water Science, Universität Duisburg-Essen, Germany
Thesis: New Insights into the Nutrient Flow of a Host-Parasite System Revealed by Compound Specific Isotope Analysis of Glucose and Amino Acids.
Instruments: HPLC-IRMS, Elemental Analyzer-IRMS, HPLC-UV, and UV-VIS Spectroscopy,
Grade: 1,7
09/2008 – 07/2012 Bs.(Hons.) Chemistry, Government College University Lahore, Pakistan
Thesis: Synthesis of different O-phenyl-N-aryl Carbamates and evaluation of chymotrypsin activity.
Analytical skills: Paper Chromatography, Column chromatography, titration methods, solvent extraction, distillation, UV-VIS spectroscopy, thin layer chromatography.
Grade: 2,3

Professional Experience
01/2016 – 07/2017 Chemistry Lecturer and Co-ordinator of Life Sciences department, Nusrat Jahan College, Rabwah Pakistan
▪ Participation in teaching
▪ Execution of quality assurance
Shaista Khaliq | Gärtnerstraße 14 | 45128 Essen | 01590/6140623 |
▪ Coordination of the technical team and laboratory activities
09/2012 – 06/2015 Science and Chemistry teacher, Ghazali Model High School, Pakistan
▪ Chemistry and Science lessons
▪ Homework support
▪ Student safety teachings
▪ Checking compliance with all safety requirements in the laboratory
01/2014 – 03/2015 Research Assistant, University of the Punjab Lahore, Pakistan
▪ Production of biopolymer-based injectable hydrogels for drug delivery applications.

▪ Publication
Atta, S., Khaliq, S., Islam, A., Javeria, I., Jamil, T., Athar, M. M., Shafiq, M. I.& Ghaffar, A. (2015). Injectable biopolymer based hydrogels for drug delivery applications. International journal of biological macromolecules, 80, 240-245.
Poster presentation at 2nd International Conference (2015) on "Drug Development – Natural & Synthetic" organized by COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Abbottabad, Pakistan.