Institutionalisation, Deinstitutionalisation and Reinstitutionalisation in the Fields of Education and Social Work


[First Day] 6th of October 2021: (De-/Re-)Institutionalisation – Theory and Politics 





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Greetings & Introduction 

University President, Dean & Sientific Organisation Team                                                              

video-presentations of the papers are avaiable in advance 

14.30-15.00 CET

Arrival & Technical Tests

15:00-15.30 CET

Official Start & Welcome



15.30-16.30 CET

Keynote I             

Patricia H. Thornton (Texas / US): Beyond the Iron Cage: Why Institutional Diversity Matters for the Fields of Education and Social work.

Chair: Martina Richter (Duisburg-Essen/GER)

16.30 CET  Break 

Changed schedule

16.45-17.45 CET

Keynote II

Rahel Jaeggi (Berlin / GER):  What is a 'good' Institution?

Chair: Martina Richter (Duisburg-Essen/GER)

17.45 CET  Break
18:30-20:00 CET

Evening Discussion

Patricia Burch (Los Angeles / US) & Susanne Maurer (Marburg / GER): Politics and Practice of (De)Institutionalisation in Education – (Critical) Reflections.

Chair: Jo-Moran Ellis (Brighton/UK)                                                                                                                          


[Second Day] 7th of October 2021: (De-/Re-)Institutionalisation in the Fields of Education and Care

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9.00 -10.00 CET

Listening, watching & reading

Video-presentations of all panelists are made available in advance


10.00-12.00 CET

Panel 1: Childhood and Early Care

[Chair: Claudia Machold, Wuppertal / GER]

Sascha Neumann (Tübingen / GER): Institutionalisation. How the concept can help us to understand contemporary issues of early childhood (education)

Randi Dyblie Nilsen (Trondheim / NO): Constructions of children and childhood in the context of Norwegian early education and care institutions.

Ingo Bode (Kassel / GER): Perspectives of Neo-Institutionalism on Practice Theory – The Research Field of Child Protection



Panel 2: School

[Chair: Nicolle Pfaff, Duisburg-Essen / GER]

Mechthild Gomolla (Hamburg / GER): Re- or de-institutionalisation of social justice claims in the regulatory framework of output- and data-based school governance? Results from a discourse analysis of policy documents on education and migration

Ninni Wahlström (Linnaeus University / SWE): Transnational educational policy - a discursive institutionalist perspective on policy affecting the school

Kenneth Horvath (Luzern / CH): Construing talent, (re-)producing elites. A neopragmatist take on social sorting in school education



Panel 3: Child and Youth Welfare/Social Work

[Chair: Fabian Kessl, Wuppertal / GER]

Vincent Dubois (Strasbourg / F): Institutions viewed by their clients: on the institutional habituses of the members of the lower classes

Griet Roets (Gent / B): Users of Social Services as Agents of Institutional Change

Christian Reutlinger (St. Gallen / CH): Institutionalised openness or openness through permanent deinstitutionalisation?




Panel 4: University / Higher Education

[Chair: Rita Casale, Wuppertal / GER]

Paola Carlucci (Siena / IT): Italian University as an institution of post fascist society

Barbara Wolbring (Frankfurt a.M. / GER): Challenges of the University as middle-class institution in the Twentieth Century

Carola Groppe (Hamburg/ GER): The University as a Pedagogical Institution



Panel 5: Disability Studies / Inclusive Education

[Chair: Anja Tervooren, Duisburg-Essen / GER]

Justin Powell (Luxembourg / LUX): De/Re-Institutionalizing Special Education: From Exklusion to “Inclusive” Education

Michaela Ralser (Innsbruck / A): Institutions of Assistance as Places of Harm – a Historical Perspective on the Example of Child and Youth Welfare Services

Albrecht Rohrmann (Siegen /GER): Independent Living and Support Services


12.00 CET 


13.00-14.00 CET Breakout-Sessions “Set the Scene for a Research Perspective”
14.00 CET Break
14.30-16.00 CET

Educational Science Focusing on (De-/Re-)Institutionalisation – Round Table

Annette Lareau (Pennsylvania / US)
Julia Resnik (Jerusalem / IL)
Heinz Sünker (Wuppertal / GER) 

Chair: Fabian Kessl (Wuppertal/ GER)