Biodiversity Monitoring

Assessment of biodiversity change and ecosystem monitoring with novel tools

Biodiversity on our planet is being changed drastically due to anthropogenic activities. The effects range from the levels of intraspecific variation over changes in species and ecosystem diversity to altered interactions and ecosystem functions. Since the loss of biodiversity has also direct consequences on mankind, an accurate monitoring of the change is crucial. These data are already mandatory for some legal directives such as the Federal Nature Conservation Act, the European Habitat Directive, the European Water Framework directive or the European Marine Strategy Framework Directive. A major problem, however, is that the current monitoring is typically conducted with limited spatial and temporal resolution as well as only focusing small subsets of biodiversity.   

Molecular biodiversity assessment methods such as DNA barcoding or high-throughput DNA metabarcoding of many organisms at once, or even non-invasive assessment of unsorted environmental samples (soil, water sediment) via environmental DNA offer new approaches for the systemic monitoring of biodiversity focusing on the entire tree of life.

Concept: DNA based ecological quality assessment of streams

Our group develops such novel DNA based monitoring methods for aquatic and terrestrial organisms and evaluates the potential of an implementation in regulatory monitoring together with our partners from academia and authorities.








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