Master Mechanical Engineering (Maschinenbau)

In the three-semester consecutive master, with two terms of course studying and one semester for preparation of the master thesis, is no “general”, for all master students binding lecture contribution included. The master degree is divided in seven main study focuses, in which the organisation of the deepening areas from the bachelor study are taken up again and are going to be continued in the main focus of master programme:

The graduates from the master degree course Mechanical Engineering have processed the training aims of the bachelor degree course in a long and technical ripening process and have acquired the self-confidence in the usage and in the implementation of both technical and soft skills. They possess deep technical know-how in one the offered majors or even a broad general mechanical-engineering qualification through the choice of the study path "General Mechanical Engineering". The learned methods can be used to express and solve complex problems in research and development domains, as well as in industries or in research facilities and even for further development. Besides these technical skills, the students also acquire miscellaneous social skills such as team and communication abilities, intercultural and international experience, which all prepare them for better future career perspectives.

Admission Requirements (in German)
Examination Regulation
Guide Line for External Theses

The master degree course Mechanical Engineering was accredited by ASIIN.