Degree Offers of the Department of Mechnical and Process Engineering

From the invention of the steam engine up to modern robots mechanical engineering has given the economy always new impulses. This will still the same in the future. Therefore the studies in mechanical engineering open the way to variegated areas of operation in industry and public or social institutions.

Study registration (enrollment) is done centrally in the student’s office (Studierendensekretariat) for all areas.

Mechanical Engineering (Maschinenbau)

In the Bachelor Master / Degree courses Mechanical Engineering, the students acquire (considering changes and challenges in the professional world) knowledge, skills and methods, which they need for scientific projects or in order to deal with scientific findings and even for acting responsibly at their job. Studies especially procure knowledge and skills which are needed in order to understand scientific methods in the mechanical engineering domain and which enable the graduates to analyze and solve challenging problems in different fields of activity.

The broad training of mechanical engineers enable them carry out several tasks in different branches or sectors. Possible sectors of activity are for example the research field, the development area, project planning, sales, production, quality assurance, maintenance and training. Sectors which need mechanical engineers are for example all companies that deal with machinery and equipment manufacturing, automobile industry, power supply industry, chemicals industry, process Engineering companies, foundries or even consulting companies. The access of graduates to jobs in all these different fields is prepared through a special combination of theory-based fundamental lectures and practice-oriented subjects.

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» more about: "Master Maschinenbau"

Industrial Engineering (Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen)

The Study path „Industrial Engineering“ at the University Duisburg-Essen is conceived as a consecutive Bachelor-Master study path. Economics and engineering subjects will be simultaneously offered each semester. This study path aims at enabling the graduates to work in many technical and economical fields of activity and in particular in those fields were both technical and economic thinking are simultaneously needed.

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International Studies in Engineering

The degree program of International Studies in Engineering (ISE) offers a collection of interesting, internationally-oriented Bachelor/Master degree courses. The structure of the ISE Program is designed in line with the actual education and labour market. Subjects of international relevance will be offered in disciplinary as well as interdiscipliary Bachelor and Master degree courses.

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Logistics Engineering

The international oriented master study gives a substantiated and practical insight in logistics and its effects on traffic. Alumni will be offered an interdisciplinary study. It contains an engineering focal point and it is faculty comprehensive embedded in a wide field. The subjects are from diverse disciplines: Mechanical Engineering, information technology, communication technique, economic science, construction engineering, physics, geography and social sciences.

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Steel Technology and Metal Forming

In the course of this dual study path, the students will during the first two years complete an apprenticeship as industrial mechanic, which will be validated by an examination from the IHK, in one of the companies involved in this study path. During these first two years, the students will spend two days each week on the campus of the University Duisburg-Essen, attending some lectures, which will be completed by taking part in the corresponding examinations. The remaining 3 days shall be spent in the company. During the semester breaks, the students will spend the whole week in the company. After these two years, at the end of this apprenticeship, the students will then be matriculated as normal full-time students at the University Duisburg-Essen and will complete their studies in Steel Technology and Metal Forming in two more years.

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