Publications Johanna Burtscheidt

Journal Papers

  • Burtscheidt, Johanna; Claus, Matthias and Dempe, Stephan
    Risk-Averse Models in Bilevel Stochastic Linear Programming
    SIAM Journal on Optimization, 30(1), pp. 377-406, (2020)

  • Burtscheidt, Johanna and Frank, Alexander
    Risk Analysis of Two Different Stochastic Models Based on a Dice Game

  • Burtscheidt, Johanna and Claus, Matthias
    A Note on Stability for Risk Averse Stochastic Complementary Problems
    Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications, 172(1), pp. 298-308, (2017)

Book Chapters

  • Burtscheidt, Johanna and Claus, Matthias
    Bilevel Linear Optimization under Uncertainty
    In: Dempe, Stephan and Zemhoko, Alain B.: Bilevel Optimization - Advances and Next Challenges. Cham: Springer International, 2020. Web.