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Information for the Summer Semester 2024 - as of March 18, 2024

Courses offered by our working group:

  • Linear Optimization - Lecture of Prof. Dr. R. Schultz

    Course content:

    • Theory of linear systems of inequalities
    • Geometry of polyhedra
    • Simplex method and its variants
    • Selected optimization models on graphs

    Information about the course form and the exercise groups can be found in the moodle course.

    Link to the Moodle course Lineare Optimierung (SS2024)
    Link to the information about the registration key for the Moodle course
    Link to the entry Lineare Optimierung in the course catalog



Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Schultz
phone: 0201 183 6880

 Room WSC-W-4.24

 Research Assistants

Dr. Claudia Gotzes (Stangl)
phone: 0203 379  2699

 Room BC 514

 Bismarckstrasse 90
 47057 Duisburg


Dr. Judith Klein
phone: 0201 183 6883

 Room WSC-W-4.19

Johanna Burtscheidt
phone: 0201 183 6885

 Room WSC-W-4.27

Cornelia Holthaus
phone: 0201 183 6881

 Room WSC-W-4.26

 Thea-Leymann-Straße 9, 45127 Essen

Research Focus



DAMPF (does not take place any more):

Duisburger Arbeitskreis für Mathematik in Praxis und Forschung



DDSIP - software for solving two-stage stochastic optimization problems via decomposition by scenarios