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The field of activity of the Institute of Mechanics is the theoretical and computer-based mechanics. Thereby, aspects of material modeling and the further development of the Finite Element Method are the main focus. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jörg Schröder and his employees offer teaching of engineering mechanics 1-3, continuum mechanics, theory of materials as well as the linear and non-linear finite element method. teaching

Several projects founded by the DFG enable a wide networking regarding the research: The project "Parallel simulations of arterial walls: continuum mechanical modelling and numerical solution using FETI domain decomposition" is elaborated in cooperation with the faculty of medicine and the chair of numerical mathematics. The project "Statistically similar representative microstructures in elasto-plasticity" is realized within the DFG research group "Analysis and computation of microstructure in finite plasticity" (FG797). Further projects are "Construction and analysis of anisotropic polyconvex energy functions" and "Freezing and thawing of saturated porus media". The institute has successfully applied phenomenological material models for the macroscopic description of dual-phase steels to different sheet metal forming problems. Beyond that the research in the field of functional materials like piezoelectrica and ferroelectrica (FG 1509) are current topics as well as the development of new mixed finite elements or improved least-squares finite element. research


Two women researchers and six male colleagues will receive this year’s Georg Forster Research Awards, granted by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. The award targets research personalities from transition and developing countries whose research to date has earned them international visibility whilst seeking to help solve development-related issues. The award winners are invited to spend time in Germany establishing and building collaborations with colleagues here. Valued at 60,000 EUR each, the research awards are financed by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development

One of the award winners, Paulo De Mattos Pimenta (60), will be a frequently scientific visitor at the Institute of Mechanics in the coming years. His first stay at the institute will be in March/April 2015. The Brazilian, who is actually a professor at the Universidade de São Paulo, is considered a pioneer of computational mechanics, working in strongly practice-related fields. He has developed methods of numerical analysis for numerous engineering projects in Brazil, including the construction of the Brasilia National Stadium for the 2014 World Cup. De Mattos Pimenta, who holds a professorship at the University of São Paulo, aims to strengthen long-term cooperation with the Institute of Mechanics at the University of Duisburg-Essen.


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