BESTMOD – Studies on Determination and Simulation of Mobility on Demand


BESTMOD – Studies on Determination and Simulation of Mobility on Demand

The use of motorized private transport (MIV) is steadily increasing. For example, the number of registered passenger cars in Germany has risen from 42.302 million (2011) to 48.249 million (2021) over the past 10 years (Statista 2021). This increases traffic congestion, creating traffic jams and requiring further infrastructure development. At the same time, noise and exhaust emissions are increasing, so that the quality of life is declining. To counteract this and achieve the climate targets of the German government, it is necessary to strengthen public transport so that private transport can be reduced or, as a first step, does not increase further. However, this expansion requires high investment costs in infrastructure (e.g. subway line in Düsseldorf Wehrhahn) as well as high operating costs. Therefore, the question arises how and where the public transport offer can be expanded according to demand in such a way that the additional costs can be covered by customer growth and economic gains. 
Therefore, a study will be conducted to simulate and determine the optimal public transport service in areas with lower demand based on surveys of mobility behavior and the determination of multimodal travel resistances. This is to be done in the form of a user-friendly tool that public transport operators can use on the basis of publicly accessible databases to carry out optimal planning in the municipality. 

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  • April 2022 – March 2025

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This project is funded by the Ministry of Transport of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia.