Information for habilitation candidates

Preliminary application for habilitation

The documents listed in the following must be submitted in a printed folder to the chairman of the preparatory habilitation committee:

  1. Detailed appreciation of the candidate by the expert representative (with suggestions for two external evaluators, one of whom needs to be an expert representative)
  2. Information about date and location of the study related lecture
  3. Three topic proposals for the scientific talk in front of the faculty. The topics should reflect the breadth of the field which venia legendi is applied for and should not be identical with the topic of the habilitation thesis.
  4. CV with presentation of the personal and professional history
  5. Short presentation of the scientific career
  6. Author’s summary of the thesis. Here you present the original papers, which the thesis is based on, in context. In case of a monography, the author’s summary is omitted.
  7. Bibliography (outline according to the implementation rules of the Medical Faculty)
  8. Proof of participation in training of medical or university pedagogy. Information about the course catalogue of the Medical Faculty can be found here.
  9. Proof of participation in lectures with detailed information about topics, semester number and amount of hours
  10. Doctoral supervision (with information about the state of proceedings)
  11. Offprints
  12. Habilitation thesis in its final draft / original works that the cumulative habilitation is based on

All the above listed documents need to be handed in in electronic form simultaneously. The documents must be sorted in a clear manner: preferably the preliminary application in one PDF file and the publications seperately to avoid a too large file. You can upload the electronic version of your application to our cloud-storage. Please send an email to to receive an upload link.

Please bear in mind: Your application will be dealt with in the habilitation commitee session only if both the printed folder and the electronic version of your application are handed in before the submission deadline.

Members of the Preparative habilitation committee

Prof. Dr. Hoyer (chairman), Department of Pediatric Nephrology, Pediatric Clinic

Prof. Dr. Hinney, LVR main building, Virchowstr. 174 (room 1.73)

Prof. Thielmann, Institute of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery

Prof. Rauen, Institute of Physiological Chemistry

Application at the Dean’s Office

The following documents must be handed in to Mrs. Ziegert (first floor, room 3) after date arrangement (, Tel.: +49-201-723-4696), not later than 1,5 weeks prior to the planned initiation of the habilitation procedure:

  • A letter to the Dean, where you
  • Apply for initiation of the procedure and name the field in which you would like to get the academic teaching qualification
  • Apply for authorisation to teach according to §15 section 1 of the habilitation regulations of the Medical Faculty from 16.08.2005 (also with information about your field of study)
  • Submit an affidavit about any prior habilitation attempts, also at other universities
  • Letter of appreciation of your expert representative
  • All habilitation documents (see preliminary application) in electronic form (link to a cloud, USB stick or CD-ROM) for the electronic display

The following documents are needed as originals:

  • Certificate of birth
  • University entrance certificate
  • License to practice medicine, if applicable
  • Doctoral certificate
  • Specialist doctor certificate, if applicaple

Initiation of the habilitation procedure

Following the preliminary examination of your documents by the preliminary habilitation committee, the habilitation procedure is initiated in the faculty council in case of a positive recommendation by the committee.

Please keep in mind that your expert representative must participate in the faculty council session and check with them accordingly beforehand. The habilitation documents need to be handed in to the habilitation committee approximately one month prior to that faculty council session. You can find the upcoming dates of the faculty council sessions here.

In the next step the Dean’s office will require the external evaluations.

Recognition of the habilitation thesis and selection of the subject of your habilitation talk

After receipt of the two evaluations, all documents, including the evaluations, are put in for electronic display for two weeks for all faculty members to inspect. In the following meeting of the Faculty Council, the written performance is recognized and the subject of your talk is selected.

Habilitation talk

If the faculty council has decided positively on the acceptance of the written work and both evaluations on your study-related lecture are available, you can give your presentation to the faculty council at one of the following meetings. The expert representative must also be present at this meeting.

After successfully completing the habilitation talk, the oral habilitation is completed and you are entitled to use the title of "Privatdozent" or "Privatdozentin".

Inaugural lecture

The habilitation certificate is awarded as part of your inaugural lecture, which must be held during the lecture period. To do this, please agree on a date for the lecture with your expert representative and inform Mrs. Ziegert by email about this date ( so that it can be clarified which of the deans can take over the moderation. If it is not a lecture from the usual lecture canon, you will also have to book a lecture hall for the inaugural lecture with Mrs. Bischoff (

Once a suitable date and room have been found, please inform the Dean's office of your lecture topic by email ( up to 3 weeks before the inaugural lecture is set to take place.

Publication of your habilitation thesis in the library of the Medical Faculty

After completing the procedure, please submit your habilitation thesis to the dean's office (to Mrs. Lalou, room 1) on a CD-ROM for forwarding to the library. This should only contain the habilitation thesis, e.g. in the case of a cumulative thesis only the author's summary and the original works on which your habilitation achievement is based.