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Research at the Medical Faculty

The Faculty of Medicine at the University Hospital of Essen is a centre of in-depth medical research, including both foundational and clinical research. Cross-fertilising these two types of research produces fresh diagnosis and treatment methods and, as a result, improvements in patient care. Scientists from many disciplines work here, all with the aim of achieving medical progress. Networked research groups at the national and international levels work on improving diagnosis and treatment. Locating the Faculty of Medicine and the University Hospital of Essen on a single campus has created a great opportunity to closely interlink research and clinical care, ensuring that patients can benefit from the latest findings without delay.

The Faculty of Medicine focuses on the scientific and clinical priorities of cardiovascular medicine, oncology, and transplant, as well as the key overarching specialties of genetics, immunology, and infectious disease management. Interdisciplinary networking between foundational research and clinical science has crystallised into a large number of research consortia. The networking is so extensive that every clinic and every institute is involved in at least one focal area. The resultant concentration of resources helps establish sustainable, competitive national and international research institutions. Joint research projects with other departments of the University of Duisburg-Essen and a wide array of collaborations with domestic and foreign research institutions complete the picture in this important area of activity. Thanks to our chosen direction and the outstanding quality of other specialist disciplines, the Essen Medical Faculty is among the top contributors of publications in the German province of North-Rhine Westphalia.

The Transregio 60 Collaborative Research Centre on “Interaction of viruses with cells of the immune system in persistent viral infections – a basis for immunotherapies and vaccinations” is the only joint Sino-German collaborative research centre in the medical world.

The Faculty of Medicine Essen is also a partner in the German Consortium for Translational Cancer Research.

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