GRK 1739 - Research Projects

Project 5An old passenger as a new driver: Defining Survivin’s role as a link between replication fork dynamics and radiation response

Principal Investigator

Prof. Dr. phil. nat. Shirley Knauer

Dept. of Molecular Biology II,
University of Duisburg-Essen

Prof. Dr. Shirley Knauer


Pre- as well as clinical evidence supports Survivin’s relevance as a tumor radiation-resistance factor. In the previous funding period, we showed that chemico-genetic survivin depletion by RNAi or identified small molecule survivin inhibitors resulted in reduced DNA repair and increased tumors’ radiosensitivity. Mechanistically, albeit radiation did not affect Survivin’s nucleo-cytoplasmic transport, it triggered the formation of unique survivin nuclear foci in centromeric heterochromatin not co-localizing with DNA repair factors. Survivin nuclear foci also contained the CPC members Aurora-B kinase, Borealin and INCENP, but not other kinetochore-residing proteins. Interestingly, Survivin foci were also detectable during S phase, and Survivin depletion reduced DNA replication fork dynamics. Our recent data strongly suggest a previously unknown function for Survivin/(CPC members), linking DNA replication with cellular radiation response. Consequently, we now analyze how this contributes to radiation-resistance and define functionally relevant interaction partners.

Selected Publications

Unruhe B, Schröder E, Wünsch D, Knauer SK. An old flame never dies - Survivin in cancer and cellular senescence. Gerontology 2016;62:173-81.

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