Involved disciplines Cognitive Science in PAnalytics

Cognitive scientific investigation and development of persuasive technologies as Human-Computer-Interface

The challenge from the perspective of cognitive science lies in the elaboration of methods and techniques for recommendation presentation with a persuasive effect. Computer technologies that aim to influence the appraisement and decision-making behaviour in a decisive manner are summed up under the term Persuasive Computing. The system aspired in the project can be classified as autogenous, i.e. that the user should use this technology with the intention to change own attitudes and behaviours. People are encouraged to make a conscious decision for using the system to strive for health-promoting behaviours.

To achieve a relevant behavioural change it is certainly not sufficient to tell the user after an uncontrolled weight gain that he or she cooks badly. It is also conceivable that it is little helpful to hold out the prospect of possible illnesses associated with an unfavourable behaviour if one wants to advise against this behaviour. The characteristics of recommendations as well as their presentation are crucial for achieving success. Thus, to achieve a long-term change in behaviour in favour of a healthy life, it is necessary to concentrate on the topic of Persuasive Computing from a psychological view.