Involved disciplines Health science in PAnalytics

Elaboration of health-scientific connections between lifestyle and possible clinical pictures to, for example, generate recommendations

The challenge of health science lies in the elaboration of connections between lifestyle and health/illness by means of an unprecedented form of data acquisition and quantification of lifestyle. In doing so, inter- and intraindividual differences have to be taken into consideration.

In the epidemiologic research different factors which contribute to health and illness of individuals and populations are investigated, like for example vital parameters, social environment or lifestyle. So far the focus used to be on medical data (Blood pressure, blood image, vital parameters, MRI etc.) or qualitative information from surveys or interviews. Now, additionally data from the automatic behavioural analysis can be used to underpin health-related associations. It is also conceivable that by this new perspective a whole cohort of new associations can be made. Based on these associations it is intended to develop a knowledge database, which relates the lifestyle to illness and health and generates recommendations for improving the life situation.