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  • Wiss. Assistent/in, Angewandte Botanik und Vulkanbiologie

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    Artikel in Zeitschriften

  • Wittmann, Christiane; Kelsch, Barbara; Reßing, Franziska; Pfanz, Hardy
    Can stress turn trees hair white? : Hair covering of stems improves resilience of corticular photosynthesis against heat-stress
    In: Theoretical and Experimental Plant Physiology Jg. 33 (2021) S. 157 - 172
    ISSN: 2197-0025
  • Pfanz, Hardy; Saßmannshausen, Frank; Wittmann, Christiane; Pfanz, Benny; Thomalla, Annika
    Mofette vegetation as an indicator for geogenic CO₂ emission : a case study on the banks of the Laacher See Volcano, Vulkaneifel, Germany
    In: Geofluids Jg. 2019 (2019) S. 9589306
    ISSN: 1468-8123; 1468-8115
  • Vodnik, Dominik; Thomalla, Annika; Ferlan, Mitjo; Levanič, Tom; Eler, Klemen; Ogrinc, Nives; Wittmann, Christiane; Pfanz, Hardy
    Atmospheric and geogenic CO₂ within the crown and root of spruce (Picea abies L. Karst.) growing in a mofette area
    In: Atmospheric Environment Jg. 182 (2018) S. 286 - 295
    ISSN: 1873-2844; 1352-2310
  • Wittmann, Christiane; Pfanz, Hardy
    More than just CO₂-recycling : Corticular photosynthesis as a mechanism to reduce the risk of an energy crisis induced by low oxygen
    In: New Phytologist (2018)
    ISSN: 1469-8137; 0028-646X
  • Pilz, Maria; Hohberg, Karin; Pfanz, Hardy; Wittmann, Christiane; Xylander, Willi E.R.
    Respiratory adaptations to a combination of oxygen deprivation and extreme carbon dioxide concentration in nematodes
    In: Respiratory Physiology and Neurobiology Jg. 239 (2017) S. 34 - 40
    ISSN: 1878-1519; 1569-9048
  • Wittmann, Christiane; Pfanz, Hardy
    The optical, absorptive and chlorophyll fluorescence properties of young stems of five woody species
    In: Environmental and experimental botany Jg. 121 (2016) S. 83 - 93
    ISSN: 0098-8472
  • Pfanz, Hardy; Mombour, Janne; Wittmann, Christiane; Fleischmann, Frank; Oßwald, Wolgang
    Chlorophyll fluorescence for visualizing the spatial and temporal spread of Phytophthora alni subsp. alni in alder bark tissue
    In: Plant pathology Jg. 64 (2015) Nr. 2, S. 467 - 477
    ISSN: 1365-3059
  • Wittmann, Christiane; Pfanz, Hardy
    Bark and woody tissue photosynthesis : a means to avoid hypoxia or anoxia in developing stem tissues
    In: Functional Plant Biology Jg. 41 (2014) Nr. 9, S. 940 - 953
    ISSN: 0310-7841; 1445-4408
  • Lüttge, Ulrich; Escher, P.; Paluch, R.; Pfanz, Hardy; Wittmann, Christiane; Rennenberg, Heinz; Rakowski, Krzysztof
    Variability of photosynthetic capacity and water relations of Pinus sylvestris L. in the field
    In: Biologia plantarum Jg. 55 (2011) Nr. 1, S. 90 - 98
    ISSN: 1573-8264
  • Wittmann, Christiane; Pfanz, Hardy
    Antitranspirant functions of stem periderms and their influence on corticular photosynthesis under drought stress.
    In: Trees (2008) Nr. 22, S. 187 - 196
  • Wittmann, Christiane; Pfanz, Hardy
    General trait relationships in stems: a study on the performance and interrelationships of several functional and structural parameters involved in corticular photosynthesis
    In: Physiologia Plantarum (2008) Nr. 134, S. 636 - 648
  • Wittmann, Christiane; Humar, M.; Matyssek, R.; Pfanz, Hardy
    Effects of ozone impact on the gas exchange and chlorophyll fluorescence of juvenile birch stems (Betula pendula Roth.)
    In: Environmental Pollution Jg. 150 (2007) Nr. 2, S. 258 - 266
    ISSN: 1873-6424; 0269-7491
  • Pfanz, Hardy; Vodnik, D.; Wittmann, Christiane; Aschan, Guido; Batic, F.; Turk, B.; Macek, I.
    Photosynthetic performance (CO2-compensation point, carboxylation efficiency, and net photosynthesis) of timothy grass (Phleum pratense L.) is affected by elevated carbon dioxide in post-volcanic mofette areas.
    In: Environmental and Experimental Botany (2007)
  • Wittmann, Christiane; Pfanz, Hardy
    Temperature-dependency of bark photosynthesis in beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) and birch (Betula pendula Roth.) trees.
    In: Journal of Experimental Botany (2007) Nr. 58, S. 4293 - 4306
  • Pfanz, Hardy; Flohr, S.; Wittmann, Christiane
    Das Staubfangvermögen von Vegetation : Grundlagen und erste Ergebnisse aus der Praxis
    In: Taspo Jg. 3 (2006) S. 12 - 15
  • Wittmann, Christiane; Pfanz, Hardy; Loreto, F.; Centritto, M.; Pietrini, F.; Alessio, G.
    Stem CO2 release under illumination: corticular photosyntersis, photorespiration or inhibition of mitochondrial respiration?
    In: (PCE) Jg. 29 (2006) S. 1149 - 1158
  • Pfanz, Hardy; Aschan, Guido; Kerkien, B.; Lomsky, B.; Wittmann, Christiane
    Inhibition of leaf and twig photosynthesis of Fagus sylvatica by air pollutants.
    In: Journal of Agricultural Meteorology Jg. 60 (2005) Nr. 6, S. 1193 - 1195
  • Wittmann, Christiane; Pfanz, Hardy; Pietrini, F.
    Light-modulation of corticular CO2-refixation in young birch stems (Betula pendula Roth.).
    In: Phyton Jg. 45 (2005) S. 195 - 212
  • Pfanz, Hardy; Vodnik, D.; Wittmann, Christiane; Aschan, Guido; Raschi, A.
    Plants and geothermal CO2 exhalations – survival in and adaptation to a high CO2 environment.
    In: Progress in Botany Jg. 65 (2004) S. 499 - 538
  • Wittmann, Christiane; Pfanz, Hardy
    Light –modulation of bark photosynthesis in birch (Betula pendula).
    In: (Acta Biol Slo) Jg. 46 (2003) Nr. 2, S. 49 - 54
  • Pfanz, Hardy; Aschan, Guido; Langenfeld-Heyser, R.; Wittmann, Christiane; Loose, M.
    Ecology and ecophysiology of tree stem photosynthesis: corticular and wood photosynthesis
    In: Naturwissenschaften Jg. 89 (2002) S. 147 - 162
  • Vodnik, D.; Pfanz, Hardy; Wittmann, Christiane; Macek, I.; Kastelec, D.; Turk, B.; Batic, F.
    Photosynthetic acclimation in plants growing near a carbon dioxide spring.
    In: Phyton Jg. 42 (2002) S. 239 - 244
  • Aschan, Guido; Wittmann, Christiane; Pfanz, Hardy
    Age-dependent bark photosynthesis of aspen twigs.
    In: Trees Jg. 15 (2001) S. 431 - 437
  • Wittmann, Christiane; Aschan, Guido; Pfanz, Hardy
    Leaf and twig photosynthesis of young beech (Fagus sylvatica) and aspen (Populus tremula) trees grown under different light intensity regimes.
    In: Basic and Applied Ecology Jg. 2 (2001) S. 145 - 154
  • Feige, Sebastian; Wiegand, Jens; Schreiber, Ulrich C.; Wieditz, Katja; Wittmann, Christiane; Xiarong, Luo
    Radon and Thoron in Cave Dwellings
    In: Health physics Jg. 78 (2000) Nr. 4, S. 438 - 444
    ISSN: 0017-9078
  • Beiträge in Sammelwerken und Tagungsbänden

  • Wittmann, Christiane
    Was sind Heilpflanzen und Kräuter?
    In: Kräuter und Eulen, Lernaufgaben für eine Biologie-AG / Sandmann, Angela; Wenning, Silvia (Hrsg.) 2015, S. 6
    ISBN: 978-3-7347-7598-7
  • Kubinski, H.; Kubinski, F.; Wittmann, Christiane
    "Liberty Cap" und "Magic Mushrooms" - halluzinogene Pilze
    In: Pilze: Lernaufgaben für den Biologieunterricht / Sandmann, Angela; Wenning, Silvia (Hrsg.) 2014, S. 17 - 21
    ISBN: 978-3-7357-6255-9
  • Kubinski, H.; Kubinski, F.; Wittmann, Christiane
    Eine neue Pilzart - Der Heizpilz
    In: Pilze: Lernaufgaben für den Biologieunterricht / Sandmann, Angela; Wenning, Silvia (Hrsg.) 2014, S. 22 - 24
    ISBN: 978-3-7357-6255-9
  • Pfanz, Hardy; Kerkien, B.; Wittmann, Christiane; Lomsky, B.; Aschan, Guido
    Air pollutant effects to leaf, bark and wood photosynthesis of trembling aspen (Populus tremula L.).
    In: Proc. of the IUFRO Meeting “Forests under changing climate, enhanced UV and air pollution. / Kinnunen, H.; Huttunen, S. (Hrsg.) 2004, S. 102 - 108
  • Vodnik, D.; Turk, B.; Pfanz, Hardy; Batic, F.; Wittmann, Christiane; Kaligaric, M.; Zupan, G.
    Rast in delovanje rastlin pri povecanih koncentracijah oglikovega dioksida ob naravnih virih CO2. (Plant growth and functioning at elevated CO2 concentrations near natural CO2 spring).
    In: Proceedings of the Slovenian Congress on elevated CO2. / Komac, M. (Hrsg.) 2001, S. 205 - 211
  • Pfanz, Hardy; Aschan, Guido; Wittmann, Christiane
    Bark photosynthesis – fact not fiction.
    In: Trees – L`Arbre 2002. IQ-Collectif, Institut de Recherche en Biologie vegetale / Labrecque, M. (Hrsg.) 2000, S. 117 - 121
  • Pfanz, Hardy; Grau, K.; Wittmann, Christiane; Zelgert, W.
    Do land snails prefer specific sulfur compounds?
    In: Sulfur nutrition and sulfur assimilation in higher plants: molecular, biochemical and physiological aspects. / Brunold, C.; Rennenberg, H.; De Kok, L.J.; Stulen, I.; Davidian, J.C. (Hrsg.) 2000, S. 425 - 427
  • Batic, F.; Bernik, R.; Pfanz, Hardy; Wittmann, Christiane; Sircelj, H.; Schmidt, J. Alexander; Turk, B.
    Effects of elevated CO2 concentrations from natural sources on anatomy and physiology of selected plant species.
    In: SNACE, FACE and OTC`s CO2 enrichment at the leaf/air interface and/or the root/soil interface; results in growth and development of plants. / Kaligaric, M.; Skornik, S. (Hrsg.) 1999, S. 10 - 11
  • Dissertation

  • Wittmann, Christiane
    CO 2-Refixierung im Cortex von Laubbäumen und ihre Beeinflussung durch abiotische Umweltfaktoren
    Duisburg-Essen (2005) V, 253 S., : Ill., graph. Darst.
  • Vorträge

  • Wittmann, Christiane;
    CO2-Recycling in Holzgewächsen : Wie Bäume ihre Klimabilanz optimieren
    Die kleine Form, 31. Oktober 2018, Essen,
    (Die kleine Form 2018/2019)