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First-Principles and Statistical Methods in Materials Physics

We focus on computational materials science, applying state of the art first-principles and statistical methods to the study of materials properties relevant for advanced applications such as thermoelectrics and spintronics.

In addition to the Theoretical Physics lectures included in the Faculty's curriculum, we offer our students the opportunity to do their Bachelor, Master or PhD thesis, providing them continuous and friendly support. You are warmly encouraged to contact us if you are interested in a collaboration.

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Calculated scanning tunneling microscopy profile of Si(111) surface

A scanning tunnelling microscopy (STM) profile calculated from the underlying electronic structure. The image shows the surface of (111)-Silicon in the 7x7 reconstruction.

A colour-coded profile of the electronic transmission in an Al-Heusler alloy heterostructure

The calculated electronic transmission probability through an Al/Heusler alloy/Al heterostructure projected on its majority (left) and minority (right) spin components.

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