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New Publication in Science New Publication About Vector Microscopy

[24.04.2020] The new method was used to measure the dynamics of optical skyrmions in the time domain for the first time. The renowned journal "Science" publishes this breakthrough in nanooptics in its current issue.


Founder Competition of the sbm Award for Sebastian Schlücker

[01.10.2019] Prof. Sebastian Schlücker from the Faculty of Chemistry is keen to promote MINT subjects as early as primary school.


Dynamics in quantum dots Smallest measurable processes recorded individually

[27.09.2019] Colloquially, the term “quantum jump” is used to describe a tremendous development. In fact, it is the smallest change of state that can still be traced. Physicists from the Collaborative Research Center 1242 at the UDE have now succeeded in measuring every single jump by optical means and drawing conclusions about the dynamics of the electrons inside a quantum dot.