Overview of project A08

Non-Equilibrium Dynamics of Tunnel Junctions Excited with Terahertz Light


Investigation of individual atoms, molecules, and clusters using scanning tunnelling microscopy has been allowing deep understanding of physical and chemical effects taking place at the atomic scale. Yet, many microscopic processes, such as charge transfer, vibration, and conformational switching of molecules, often take place at timescales that are out-of-reach for conventional microscopes. The coupling of terahertz light to the junction of a scanning tunnelling microscope (THz-STM) appears to solve this issue, with recent demonstrations of a sub-picosecond time resolution on individual molecules. The technique unravels unprecedented investigations of fast processes at the atomic scale. The main goals of the project are a further understanding of the microscopic processes associated with this young technique and the exploration of non-equilibrium dynamics of individual metal clusters and molecules adsorbed on surfaces.

Figure: Illustration of the instrumentation working principle of THz-STM.



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