Overview of project B02

Ab-Initio Simulation of Electronic Excitation and Relaxation


The project aims to develop and apply computational methods for material-specific simulations of electronic excitation and relaxation. We employ time-dependent density functional theory (TDDFT), or likewise a combination of static electronic structure calculations and density matrix dynamics. Using the latter combination of methods, we aim to provide a theoretical description of pump-probe laser spectroscopy. Specifically, thin metal films on silicon and the dynamics of electrons in their quantum well states are investigated, and the relative importance of electron-electron scattering and electron-phonon scattering for the lifetime of these states has been clarified. Moreover, we use TDDFT to address the interplay of light absorption with the internal degrees of freedom (of the atomic coordinates, charge and spin state) of molecules and two-dimensional materials. Due to the strong forces in the electronically excited state, the dynamics can be understood as a ‘switching’ to a non-equilibrium state or as the local analog of a driven phase transition. At a later stage, the TDDFT treatment will be extended to the atomic dynamics on an electronically excited potential energy surface in the framework of Ehrenfest dynamics.

figure B02




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