Overview of project C05

Exploring Particle-Induced Excitations in the Time Domain

Schleberger, Sokolowski-Tinten, Wucher

The impact of an ion (keV kinetic energy) onto a solid surface generates a strongly perturbed and extremely localized non-equilibrium state, which relaxes on very fast time scales. In order to facilitate a time-resolved observation of the relaxation dynamics using established ultrafast pump-probe techniques, it is necessary to pinpoint the projectile impact in time with sufficient accuracy and to generate pulses of (sub-) picosecond duration. This way, it will be for the first time possible to directly access the ultrafast ion impact-induced dynamics with an experimental technique.

Figure: Left: Illustration of the concept to generate ultrashort ion pulses: (1) Cooled neutral atom beam, (2) fs laser pulse, (3) buncher electrodes. Right: Photograph of the corresponding experimental set-up.



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