Overview of project B04

Non-Equilibrium Dynamics of the Phonon System

Horn-von Hoegen

The excitation and decay of localized vibrations and phonons at the surface of a crystal lattice upon an optical excitation through a femtosecond laser pulse is studied by means of ultrafast electron diffraction with femtosecond temporal resolution. We focus on a fundamental understanding of mechanisms like electron-phonon coupling, which are responsible for the energy transfer from the electron system to the lattice system, phonon-phonon interaction, which causes mode conversion and thermalisation, and direct excitations, which result in an almost immediate stimulation of the lattice.

Ultrathin Pb(111) and Bi(111) films of few layer thickness on Si(111) substrates were used to study energy transfer from the electron system to the lattice system via electron-phonon coupling. While for Bi the bulk is heated up much faster on 3 ps timescale the response of the surface occurs delayed after 12 ps which is attributed to anharmonic coupling of the surface phonon modes to the bulk.

The phonon transport from ultrathin Pb(111) films across the interface into the Si substrate is – even for a thickness of 4 atomic layers – still governed by existing acoustic mismatch (AAM) or diffuse mismatch (DMM) model. Thus, finite size effects in nanoscale heat transport seems to be suppressed even for the thinnest films.




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