Overview of project A05

Femtosecond Time-Resolved Soft X-Ray Spectroscopy for an Element Specific Analysis of Complex Nanostructures


Bovensiepen, Tarasevitch, Wende

This project investigates the non-equilibrium dynamics in time and space in complex materials after microscopic excitation by element specific probing using soft x-ray pulses which are generated at large scale unser facilities like synchrotron light sources and x-ray free electron laser or will be provided table-top using high harmonic generation. In order to analyse the microscopic principles of dynamics at interfaces we investigate simple model systems like heterostructures by near edge soft x-ray spectroscopy at absorption edges of the element of interest. So far, experiments at metal-insulator heterostructures used the absorption at the Fe L3 and the O K edge to achieve a microscopic understanding of energy transfer across the Fe/MgO interface.

figure A05

Schematic representation of UV / IR-pump/xray-probe investigations of Fe/MgO multilayers





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