Integrated Research Training Group (IRTG)


The IRTG is co-chaired by Jürgen König and Marika Schleberger

An Integrated Research Training Group (IRTG) is part of the CRC 1242. The IRTG supports the CRC in qualifying the doctoral students for the research programme and for a later career in academia, industry and administration. It offers doctoral students a comprehensive training programme in fundamental sciences and key skills.

The IRTG aims

  • to overcome scientific and cultural barriers between the various disciplines and research groups involved in the CRC
  • to provide a framework for a well-balanced, structured doctoral education
  • to foster scientific independence of the young researchers

The IRTG offers

  • an annual retreat that brings together all young investigators
  • a CRC colloquium series, for which the PhD students are encouraged to suggest external expert guests
  • advanced methods and topics courses to familiarize students with various analytical techniques and experimental and theoretical methods
  • a biannual International Summer School for the graduate students of the CRC and external participants
  • an opportunity for all PhD students for a research visit at foreign partner laboratories
  • financial and organisational support for soft skill courses, that are of particular interest to doctoral students of the IRTG
  • financial support for small, independent projects
  • training in good scientific practice and related topics like paper writing, appropriate documentation and data management.

All PhD students working in the projects of the CRC are members of the IRTG. A committee elected by the PhD students steers the action of the IRTG. The IRTG utilises the graduate education programme available at the Universität Duisburg-Essen.

PhD education in the IRTG features

  • an open and fair recruiting process
  • a mutual written agreement on obligations and rights
  • supervision by two principal investigators
  • an annual status evaluation